Non Linear Junction Detector ACU-LUX-II

TECHNOLOGY The generation of microwave signals in the Non Linear Junction Detector, when in contact with transistors, diodes or chips re-emits certain higher frequencies, the re-emitted signal is received on the antenna and processed showing the 2nd and 3rd harmonics on LED indicators & earphones.

AUTOMATIC SELECTION Selects the best frequencies (not interfering with GSM range) allowing the unit to work in a concentrated environment.

ADJUSTABLE The ACU-LUX-II Non Linear Junction Detector's emitting power is adjusted automatically to provide better convenience of use.

CAPABILITY The ACU-LUX-II operates in pulse mode with a power of emitter up-to 15 watts per pulse, this allows for higher (-130 dB/W) sensitivity of the receivers. Therefore the unit matches or exceeds the most powerful current Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD) available. This is achieved by optimising the parameters of the signal in conjunction with a superior antenna system.

Use of 3 types of ranging signal modulation (PULSE type carrier frequency impulse modulation, continuous transmission of carrier frequency CW and continuous transmission of carrier frequency with 1 kHz signal frequency modulation (CW + FM)) allows combining good detection range with reliable identification.

UNIQUE DESIGN Ergonomic one piece construction and light (1.1 kg including battery) with extendable/retractable poll inside the handle.

POWER  The ACU-LUX-II can be powered either by mains (220V) or battery providing not less than 5 hours of continuous operation.

Non Linear Junction Detector ACU-LUX-II


Frequency band: 800 MHz ± 1 MHz
Frequency step: 200 KHz, totally 21 channels (±10 steps)
Modulation: Pulse
Maximum power of emitter per pulse: 15W ± 1 W (in pulse mode)
Minimum power of emitter per pulse: 1.6 dB


Frequency bands: 1600 MHz and 2400 ± 1 MHz (x2,x3)
Sensitivity of each receiver: -130 dB/W
Dynamic output adjustable range: 20 dB with 11 levels
Manual receiver gain: four stages of (±1 dB) in each stage
20k Mode - transmitter emits signals modulated by the amplitude of the sequence of radio pulses: demodulation width signal spectrum is 500-2000 Hz.


Number of antennas: 3 (three), combined in a single unit
Beam width of Tx/Rx antennas at - 3dB level: 90 degrees
Polarization of Tx/Rx antennas: circular polarization with an elliptical ratio up to 1.5
Tx/Rx antennas: coaxial pattern, maximum deviations of the main lobe, not exceeding 50

Non Linear Junction Detector ACU-LUX-II


Non Linear Junction Detector ACU-LUX-II

1 x ACU-LUX-II Detector Antenna (3in1) attached to Control Panel with extendable pole
1 x
Re-chargeable battery
1 x
Headphones set
1 x
Non Linear Junction Detector Tester
1 x
220V/50Hz Charging unit (110V/60Hz adaptor optional)
1 x Carry case